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283 Chev, PG by June '72

Maroon + Black by June '74

I bought my '40 Chev for $80 in October, '67 and have redone it a few times over the years...

Lotsa bodywork &
Red paint by
GSTA Show March '81

Gray velour interior by Mark Milbrandt in 1982

Brown naugahyde interior by TEA's in  February '75

Painted Purple Firemist in Feb '74.  I hated it, so...

April '78

Parked it in '85.  Sold all the louvered parts.
Parked it until '01, brought it back out with rebuilt engine, new power brakes, powersteering, power windows, new wiring & much more.

My daughter Crisi & I took a trip to California in June '81

In progress January '81

Thunder Bay, ON 9/79

Quite a difference!!! 5/81

Click on pictures to enlarge...

New trunk lid with more louvers - Summer '83

Bought it October 15, 1967
$80.00 - Stock, no engine/trans

November 30, 1967
Paint stripped

I chopped the top
the winter of '78-9...

And added some louvers...

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